Kunle Adegoke's page of BBP-type formulas

A Novel Approach to the Discovery of Ternary BBP-type Formulas for Polylogarithm Constants

A Class of Binary BBP-type Formulas in General Degrees

New Binary Degree $2$ BBP-type Formulas

New Binary Degree $3$ Digit Extraction (BBP-type) Formulas

New Degree 4 Binary BBP-type Formulas and a Zero Relation

Formal Proofs of Degree 5 Binary BBP-type Formulas

BBP formula for Catalan's constant

Binary BBP-type formulas for the arctangents of powers of the golden ratio

 A Binary BBP-type Formula for \pi \sqrt 5


Bailey's Compendium of BBP-Type Formulas for Mathematical Constants
















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